Mari Lee Rose


Words fail to describe this…effervescent anger

Life spiralling non-stop in downward motion

Except for an ethereal instant- only to pull me under

Brainstorm with no beginning or end in sight

Buzzing stagnant energy, stuck mid-transcendence

Words fail to describe this… primaeval despair.

Decoded Decoder

Diagnostic codes of arbitrary meaning

Frigid scheme of digits for my living

Traumatic scenes reduced to an acronym

Intermittent neural circuitry

Ominous amalgamation of biological & environmental factors

Synthetic explanations that don’t make sense

Emerging questions and hypotheses I cannot test

Inconsistent synapses

Flare Surreal

Into this dark space I recede

Under my own skin

In this etheric gap I heal

Unfathomable catalysis


I feel like a mutant

Altered in some way

Just not human

I am something else

Sum of elements

Failing to add up

Scattered puzzle pieces

That don’t make a whole

I feel like a mutant

Perhaps truly so

Just not human

Either minus or plus


... And It all fades

Beauty, youth and energy

Like colorful sands

In motion through the hourglass

Sorrow remains

Like a silent assailant

In the continuum of time-space


Wanting silence

Craving excitement

Lingering uncertainty

Unyielding confidence

Sensory escalation

Mental deceleration

Vacant, I’m here

Plurality of my singularity

Guarding my unrest


Tainted purity

Kindness contained

Jaded energy

Worn out, unkempt

Non-linear unraveling

Emotional viscosity

Florid, unwell

Your - Mine

Your thinking is linear

But mine is sideways

Your plans are sequential

As mine are divergent

Your brain follows straight lines on right angles

Mine races and curves between tangents and triangles


In the midst of catharsis

Light rays from my eyes

Tracing the pearlescent void

Afflicted Self refusing the Abyss

Light rays from my eyes

Illuminating darkness


Trembling with overdone perceptions

Sensations now overboard

And I can’t help that which I can’t stop or foretell

Breathing despair

My head fills with oxygen

Pushing letters and phrases

Sounds and images

Against my skull

And I can’t get a hold of this fear I can’t control

Anxiety attacks once more

Agitated and paralyzed

Thoughts, feelings, ideas I can’t yet crystallize

Initiation: Tears

Tears of sorrow

Drip down my face

Slowly but surely

Stripping me bare

Tears of sorrow

Cover my wounds

Stinging and burning

First healing phase


In depersonalization my mind splits

An attempt to defend my sanity

In derealization my world dissipates

A glitch in my noetic matrix

In dissociation my Self navigates

An escape from my reality


Losing, misplacing

This phasing of consciousness wears me out

Losing, restocking

These cramped edgy corners in my head

Losing, misplacing

Dysphasing of time on my body takes its toll

Looking, re-stuck in

This dark shifting labyrinth of hell


Iridescent rays penetrating

Effervescent darkness densifying

Intermittent consciousness flowing

Kinetic bursts of memory building

Momentum inducing apotheosis