Unsent letters

Don’t we all have unsent letters, unsaid words

Things we don’t talk about

Experiences that hurt

Hide old scars with smiles

Promising to forget them

Twitching to leave the past behind

Drown memories in the

Abyss of our mind

But the shadow never leaves

Haunting decision each

Open up to heal they say

Don’t they understand I try?


Tonight I'm in the stars

Free from the world below

I gave up on my dreams

And found peace above

My minds in a haze

What's my name again?

The past lays forgotten

The future unplanned

I'm indulging the present

With no clue where I am.


I've spent all my life lost

lost in nameless streets

drifting all over the place

lost in worlds of fantasy

wandering aimlessly

wherever my feet took me

lost in the colours of art

stranded in the sea of my own mind

passing by everything with but a blur

always lost for what to say

always lost in some way

But, my favourite place to be lost

Will be always in your eyes


Would you risk it all

Be ready to let everything go

To take responsibility

Give everything away

For me ?

Cause i'd let the world burn

Kill anything in our way

Eradicate whatever

That comes between us

As for you i'd do anything

And everything.


Where there is no crime

All living in a fantasy

Their lips dripping wine

Everything available readily

No war no fight

No conscience no control

Only powerful people with might

Us,slowly sinking into the hole

Thats been dug out already

Promising us Neverland

Just to keep the toll steady

Mind kept constantly bland

Even when everything is perfect

If you have no free will

Is that world correct?


The sound of the clock

Haunts us

The slow ticking mock

Reserved for masters

Of wasting time

Letting it slip

One second at a time

At the end you'll look

Back at it all

What will you feel?

Regret or joy?


You'll never live life

If you don't embrace

The disorder

Of everyday things

The clouds in the sky

Cars passing by

Marks on your skin

Learn to love it


The wind is whipping through your hair

And there is a smile in your eyes

You run as graceful as a mare

Cheeks coloured like raspberry pies

Your stance draws me in

My soul reconciles

You light up as you win

Wish you were in my domicile

Said you remembered my game

I’ll not forget till your skill brings fame

But I know real victory is mine

As I got to see you tonight


I just heard what you said

But the sound of

My heart shattering

Must’ve drowned in the blood.


I go colorblind

When I see you

I can’t identify

That what you do

Ain’t justified

Cause I’m over my heels

Baby, for you

I can’t differentiate

Red from right.


Always on our minds, were thinking

"How would it feels to be gods?"

Top of the world

Unaffected, undisturbed

All men dream of the skies

Wishing to be divine

And fail to realise

And experience earthly wine.


Don't we all hate Mondays

Scared of new beginnings

To move on to better days

Unwilling to leave behind

Though it's the right way

Fear of moving forward

Hesitation to spread our wings

Truly makes us dread

Those damn Mondays


I'm so used to keeping secrets

Burying them deep down

Trying to look perfect

The price being my soul.


This universe didn't work out for me

I lost the things I wanted

I couldn't be free

I just always wandered

Hopefully the multiverse is real

And in atleast one universe

My life isnt a sad reel.