Left behind

I watched you from afar

Full of joy and charisma

Dripping with elegance you found a way into my heart

i approached you hoping i would not be rejected

But you made me feel accepted

Content with each other,we moved together

I hoped it would last forever

But then I was made to realise

that people can change like the weather

You showed me that you couldn't be trusted

i tried to hold on but you kept on moving

Forward and farther away from me

Before I knew it

you left me behind to walk with your kind

But it will be alright

Because everything changes with time.

it's complicated

It feels like you're mine for a second

and the next it feels like you aren't

i want you in my space

i want to breathe you in

but you don't feel the same towards me

my eyes lock with yours just as you begin to look away from me.

what can i do to grab your attention?

what can i do to make you see me?

why do i feel like i need to prove my love for you?.

Don't tell me not to wait then act like i should

Don't welcome me in if I'm only going to be used

to fill the void within you

and yet even while knowing you would never be mine

I still pray to God to give you time

to make up your mind

before being inevitably removed from my life

Midnight thoughts

I would give anything to be high on that feeling I get when the birds are asleep and the night is at rest.

When my heart lays awake inside chest and my mind is a mess as though it were under arrest.

"There is no reason why"?..my mind goes on to say as it tells me all the things I wouldn't dare think of during the day.


We tend to laugh it off

Sometimes we play it cool

Sometimes we let it slide

Our smiles crooked and bent

Our laughter full of ire

Our hearts are in despair

"Why did I let that slide"?

"Why do I act oblivious"?

We tend to ask ourselves

When hurtful words are thrown at us

The beauty of life

Can the beauty of life be found in the number of things that we own?

Or can the beauty of life be found in the number of seeds that you've sown?

Can the beauty of life be seen in the fake life that you show?

Or can the beauty of life be seen In the genuine side you withhold?

Can the beauty of life be described by one person?

No definitely not I'm certain.

strawberry girl 🍓🌸

my mind often wanders back to the day i fell in love

love at last sight to be exact

on a warm sunny day

the streets were full of all kinds of people

I was running,yes running

Dodging past people

out of breath, cheeks all red

I had somewhere to be you see

I bump into someone

my eyebrows furrow

the scent of strawberries hits my lungs

our eyes meet

a white silhouette of a dress

I can hardly forget

strawberry earrings

strawberry hair clips

my heart skipped a beat

In the flash of second she's gone

lost in the crowd

nowhere to be found

the strawberry girl


I want to shove the feelings of self doubt into a dark room so it'll never have the chance to bloom.

I want to take the feelings of self hate and feed it to Jimmy the Wild dog that lives inside a rusted cage.

I want to wash my body till I bleed out all all the pain buried in my heart away.


Pain goes a long way in changing a man

It shames a man.

Clutched in its unforgiving hands it chains a man.

Reducing it's host to nothing, leaving it's corpse to rotten.

Lost in his thoughts he cries out for help only to be forgotten by his so called buddies.

Pain becomes his name.

The phase creates a stage in his mind and keeps him caged.

The cage becomes a place where he feels safe.

Never letting anyone into this place.


I can see it in your eyes.

In the way you call my name.

In the way you stare in awe,

And the way you yearn for touch.

Can you feel how much I care?

How upset I am when you're not there.

How much I love when you braid my hair

How much I love the quiet nights spent on ends.

Your goofy smile and the way you smell.

May I ask if it's too much?

May I ask when all this will stop?

May I ask when it might have begun?

May I ask for you and I to become an us?