Chloe D.


The storm tunes out the words.

There's nothing to be said.

Only the moon knows.

thoughts on the wind

the wind moves through the trees, through the

plants, and through the leaves. it shares secrets

no one else seems to hear. it makes one wonder

how the wind continues to share if the world

ignores it so much. maybe it's waiting for the day

until someone decides to hear, its distant ramblings.

I fear

I fear that one day, I’ll have nothing left to say and whatever riveted through me now will be gone before it truly begins. I fear one day, I’ll have nothing left to share and whatever poems I typed out, would have long since disappeared, leaving me in despair. I fear that all these plans might go to waste and the river that flows right through my soul would dry up and what’s left, is a worm inching through the hollow walls. I fear to share my true thoughts, rather hide behind a facade, than risk the ever shameful remorse of knowing all and loving too much.


The waves lap against the sea.

And I breathe.

In with the salty air.

And out

with an exhale

And out

In with the salt air.

And I breathe.

The waves lap against the sea.

I hope

Someday, the tide will wash in,

sunlight will rain overnight,

and everything will once again be alright.

Collapsing Buildings

The buildings stand tall and proud

and looking to the sky,

you can see what has been built.

The towering buildings that try to imitate the heavens

have yet to truly imitate heaven.

They are not exactly fortresses worth living in forever

because someday they will fall.

Where am I off to next?

Standing on the edge of the wall,

I balance on the brink of

greatness or ruin,

like standing on the cusp of freedom

or on the edge of a border

that is impossible to ever cross

once inside,

I stand,

pondering the choices

that lie in front of me.


Cracks in the road, lead me back home.

Cracks in the street, leave tires beat.

Cracks in the plant, we're used to it.

Cracks in the ceiling, water leaks.

Cracks in the mirror, glass is fragile.

Cracks in everything, Earth accepts imperfections.

So, why don't we do that more often?

All the Difference

People don't do as they preach,

which most never can,

because of the nature of imperfections.

People strive to do as they preach,

at least some of them do,

And that makes all the difference.

Some people couldn't care less.

Some people could care less but don't.

And I think that also makes all the difference

between those who do and don't,

those who strive for better and best

or bad and worst

or whatever lies in between of the

negatives and the positives of all of that.

Before, then.

I wake up in the morning,

but I don't get out of bed,

until I hear the mourning

birds crying for the dead.

A rainbow arches over the sky

with every moment passing

means another day going by

and more people amassing.

Before the sun,

the moon sets,

'fore all is done,

yesterday forgets.


Slowly chanting incantations,

hoping that one will work and

someday we won't be sighing

along with the exhaling shores

that soon become breathless,

suffocating between the rocks.

Watching the blossoming incarnation,

as the spine of the book that lies on

the table before it, bends and folds

like a blissful metaphor, slowly,

circling the words around it.

Ignorance is Bliss

Ignorance is bliss

Is supposed to be a terrible thing

But isn't it better to ignore

What you don't need to focus

On is what you should?

There's no need to ignore reality in

totality, but why can't we ignore the aspects that are unnecessary?

Guess you don’t wanna

Maybe we




if only I had known,


if only we had known,


I've been speaking

in staccatoed


like maybe someday,

it'd all change,

no need to suppress,

just to destress

and I know we've

let the other down,


it can't be too late to turn around

and go 360

cos I know we can

and we could

if we wanted to.

Rush Hour

The Earth takes it's time

to spin along its axis

and we try to rush ahead

and every second turns to dread

as it builds up in your head,

trying to forget

while trying to move along

then we get to the point

where we sit under the sun,

trying to rush our way through life,

you only live once,

but can you still get the full experience

in such a hurry?