In our next lives

I carry you in my eyes,

Lock you in my heart

Here, nothing dazzles me anymore

If not the reflection

of your skin on mine

If we meet again

I swear to love you

To cherish you so much

And never repeat

the mistakes we did

Even eternity will wait as I love you

angels' beauties will pale in blue

so whisper nothing but sweetness

and I will go to you regardless

Your Silent Voice

Where here does not exist

They are dead, lazy words

In your throat

as in your mind

In the voluble breeze,

No sadness exposed

So much that, breath of butterflies,

Forgotten ashes are born


The horizon painted black

And the sky swallowed

The evening darkness

A revived soul persists

In the loss of my reason

I thought I was devoured

But like this mountain

May snow always guard

Waves eventually flowed away.


Let them follow in my footsteps !

Only to find

loving & meaningless


Decorate your hearts

of this joyful painting;

Nobody will know

your walls have collapsed

And your body was left there

I heard my baby sister

She was always so sweet

endearing & gorgeous

she gave smile to every being

but she was gone too soon

"When I come to the end of the road

And the sun has set for me

I want no rites in a gloomy room

Since grown up I'll be.

Miss me a little, but not too long

And not with your head bowed low

Remember the memories that we once shared

Miss me but let me go"

Love of an oak tree 02

Bubblegum blossoms bloom,

the prettiest in the room,

nothing i haven't seen,

being sowed in the soil,

for 18 years.

I have seen you in tears

weeping sap,

no flowers near.

I warmed you with my breath,

during the frosty and frigid air.

When the sweltering scorching came,

I saw you, my heart got excited,

who could blame me,

but death,

was invited.

So the oak fell to the ground,

cherry blossoms around,

yet it didn't make a sound.

who i am

I come from the earth

From the roots of Her love

And the bloom of birth

I come from the memories

Of the sky and stars

Long since gone

Looking from afar

And sometimes I am what I am,

Iā€™m selfish because I can,

Just atoms mushed together,

A void lost in ether

Even though i am the fusion

of mixed entities in collusion

This is the part of my soul

That I will end out to you

We're already drowned

You've flow so very far

Now rest your weary heart

nothing behind

no going back to light

Rest and face the stars

They plucked you clean

And Sunk you then

Let you drown

Cut your head

Watched you caw

and watched you crow

Till the song left your throat

They don't see you bleeding

Can't see they made you cry

For our faded flight my dear

is doomed to dreaming now

The Tide coming in

and We're already drowned


Oh my dear

don't you dare to aid me

your help is a hand

drowning me in madness

Pull me apart

Let my limbs rot

underneath the sycamore trees

This work of art

Will not be sewn

Into something easily reaped

One's lament

The words

''I love you''

are like a sour spell

and my blessing

is a curse

for these words

are heavy with guilt

forgiveness is harder

than silence

so perhaps

I'll give up my wand

hanging my hat

and forgetting all

about you

My Secret Garden

in the field

with our body healed

please don't be so blind

of my mind

lets give it love

give a sweet little sign of

controling compassion

and plants seeds of passion

creates a greenfield

in the middle of

your desert

forget about the days of

dark & gloom

see those flowers ?

i'll make them bloom

dont let your dreams

take flight & fight

with all your might

to discover and uncover

the truth of these realms

Each blossom tell tales

of our loving trails

and whisper the wind

we left behind

Paralyzed thoughts

A long time ago I stopped counting the stars,

However, I only see what needs to be blacked out.

far from reality

the road seemed dangerous to me.

when did i become so numb ?

when did i lost myself ?

all the words that leave my tongue

feel like they cam from someone else

i'm paralyzed

where are my feelings ?

i no longer feel things ?

i know i should

im paralyzed