Wild grace

Frail wildflowers, like dancers unplanned,

Bend to the earth, with no hand to hold. Graceless they seem, yet beauty expands,

A resilience untold.

Though bowed by the breeze, they rise once again,

Faces turned sunward, a vibrant display.

No support, yet their spirits ascend, Rooted in strength, they bloom every day.


Lilies pure, with heads bowed low,

Mirror your spirit, soft and slow.

A gentle soul, serene and bright,

A beacon in the fading light.


Not a falling, worn and slow,

But a fading, soft and low.

A recognition, clear and bright,

Of what we are, in fading light.

Ghosts, we linger, wisps of smoke,

Yet in your gaze, my form awoke.

And though unseen by common eye,

In this connection, spirits fly.


Inshadowed silence, one resides, Unfamiliar with the warmth of confides.

No memories painted in hues of camaraderie,

The world a canvas devoid of gaiety.

An unremarkable one, they all agree,

A face lost in the crowd, eternally.

No outburst of laughter, no furrow of brow,

An enigma in olive drab, somehow.

A lingering gaze, a whisper of dreams,

A yearning for comfort, it seems.

Grumbles of rations, of pleasures denied,

But the embers of passion are dimmed inside.


Your regret, a balm I shouldn't crave,

Yet, time and whole a heart's love I gave,

Wasted chasing shadows in the breeze,

While you turned the page, found solace with ease.

I feel life has given me it's final lease.


This tomb I built, of memories untold,

Where patience wanes, and resentment takes hold.

Is karma a myth, a whispered lie?

Why do you soar, while my teardrops dry?

The stones are etched with moments bittersweet,

Victories you claimed, while mine lay incomplete.

The silence screams a question, sharp and cold,

Will justice ever unfold?


My heart, a hollow chamber, filled with pain,

Yearns for the laughter, stolen by the rain.

Is there a purpose in this bitter plight?

Or am I destined to dwell in endless night?


You shower me with gifts and praise,

Words that drown me in their sweet, bitter embrace.

Like gilded chains, they bind and hold me near,

A whispered promise, a love that's insincere.

You say you love me, but your actions betray,

A hollow echo in the fading light of day.

Empty gestures, a performance staged with art, A loveless dance that tears my trusting heart.


False jewels you bring, their shine a fading ember,

Discordant music mocks a love grown colder.

Empty compliments, like perfume with no savor,

A love unspoken, a truth the heart won't favor.

I yearn for whispers that speak with love's own tongue,

Not hollow echoes, a love forever unsung.

Set me adrift, this bitter sweetness release,

Than drown in longing for a love that can't find peace.


Silence, a heavy cloak

I pull it tight, shut out the folk.

Their laughter grates, their voices pierce,

Yearning for quiet, a lonely universe.

Once, solitude held no dismay,

No need for charades to hide away.

Scars unseen, a heart unmarred,

By expectations, unspoken, unheard.

Now, bonds that bind, a curious cage,

Walking on eggshells on life's stage.

The weight of care, a constant ache,

I miss the quiet, for loneliness' sake.

But a whisper stirs, a truth I hold,

This yearning heart, a story untold.

Perhaps this ache, this longing deep,

Is a seed of connection, waiting to leap.


Unstuck, you fly with wings unclipped,

While I remain, where promises dripped.

Sadness lingers, laced with envy's sting,

That joy you seek, the song you sing.

"Old friends," you sighed, a whisper in the air,

But the echo rings hollow, devoid of care.

Four fleeting years, a devotion unreturned,

A yearning ignored, a lesson learned.