Abhinaya S S

People Watching

I take the subway, I read the signs,

I watch the strangers passing by,

As they go on with their lives.

An old man and his wife,

Holding hands under the city lights,

That gleamed like their pretty smiles.

I keep gazing at these unknown people,

Searching for something I miss;

Yearning for these little things,

A warm hug, or a forehead kiss.

Things that makes me feel like home,

Then I shake my thoughts and walk alone.


Upon your chest I lay my head,

Singing me to sleep, your breath.

It’s not so fun to play pretend,

When I know I’m gonna lose you in the end.

On a silent full moon night,

The blue waves tossed you out of sight.

And it goes back to where it came from,

Will you come back to where you came from?


I'd be the voice of comfort, when you're feeling down.

I'd be your last resort of hope, when everything is lost.

I'd be the place you call home, when you have nowhere else to go.

I'd be the reassurance you seek, by caressing your cheek.

I'd give you all the love from me.

I'd be the ground you lie in when your time comes around.

I'd be everything you need and more than that,

Will you be mine, my love?


Darkness, darkness, is it a facade?

Reality reaching the endlines, it's echoing

Life, love and loss all blurred

Fear that fails the freedom, never fading away

Careful crafted choices that lead to chaos, is what will stay... What will stay?

Lock(ed) down

Rain drops, and the music from the vinyl,

Folklore, with warm sweet tea and,

Passing time with my melancholy,

Curling up on the couch and feeling cozy,

This is everything that’s left for me

Me,myself and I.

The one and only.

Months passed ,

Now there’s evermore.

More and more things to unpack,

But I’m still running on the same track.

Pride 🏳️‍🌈 and Prejudice

Tie me slowly your hand in my hand,

Or lie me lowly in this layman’s land.

We sing sorry for the souls we lost

In the fight for the freedom,

That runs in our lives.

We won’t stop, until they drop

Their pitchfork and knives.


Grief of tomorrow, burdened by-

the hurt from yesterday,

Today’s a funeral, a collective sadness-

of things that are lost,

of things that are slipping away,

and things that will be gone one day.

Don’t rue the past or mourn the future;

Endure the present.

Carpe Noctem (Seize the Night)

The sun sinks down and starts our day,

In dead silence, our dead souls wake.

Chins up high to the moon that smiles,

Every day we die every night we thrive.

Dance to the song that plays within,

which sings:

“The night is young and so are we.

When the lights go out, we are finally free!

So, Seize the Night!”

Et tu Brute?

There's no tears but blood

on the shoulders that you cried,

All along when I thought

your hand was holding mine,

Just to turn back and see,

took a moment to realise,

That your other hand

was stabbing me from behind.


Pain demands to be felt.

Pain of loving too much but being unlovable.

Pain of losing what you love, and yourself.

It drains you dry.

The dry land yearns for water,

Just a drop or a rain- of tears.

And when it rains it rains hard,

That it filters away all the pain.


I closed my eyes as I sit in the dark,

Quietly reminiscing everything from my past.

I hold on tightly to the ones that I loved,

And wrap my mind over the things that I lost.

I'm seeing all my days in pictures,

That were captured by my mind.

All the cries and the laughter,

The memories, oh so divine.

The Unknown

Where do we go when we die?

Do the souls search for a shelter,

While the bodies roll in the grave?

What happens when the world ends?

The absence of sea and everything green,

Is it the end of all things seen and unseen?

How is love measured?

Deeper than the deepest oceans,

Or as pure as the heaven above?

Why do we watch the stars?

The irony of dreaming things unreachable,

Is that it looks quite simple from afar.

Shore (Haiku)

I stand by the sea

Your heart draws mine together

Like waves meet the shore.

The Last Day

Can we just stay up till dawn?

Put an old vinyl record on,

Dance like we're the only ones,

Is this moment for only once?

I couldn't ask for anything better,

Let's stay like this forever.

But if forever were to die now,

My indelible love, take my hand,

And never let it go.

Even when the world is ending,

You and I will be singing.

In the morning, the sun won't shine anymore.

Even when the earth lies cold and still,

My heart beats for you, and always it will.