“It's been great so far, working with Equinox. The delegation of tasks is so smartly done, such that everyone gets equal amounts of work which also fits in with their schedule. I love working at Equinox, and can't wait take up more projects!” - Anjana Suresh

“Working with Equinox has been a really good experience so far! I’ve gotten to explore topics that I’ve never explored before and I’d say I’ve learned a lot.” - Anvita Goyal

“Proud to be part of the Equinox team. A super organised and well thoughtout magazine run by young writers, artists and poets. Can't wait to watch Equinox grow!” - Shriya Prasad

“I was looking for opportunities to broaden my spectrum and Equinox came by ! I've worked with and met a lot of new people and definitely learnt new things.” - Kalaimagal S

“At Equinox, I felt the balance that the name implies. Graphic design, marketing and management worked together to push the content department - which I contributed to - to its best. Equinox has been challenging in the best way possible.” - Ashmita M