About The Challenge

Writing slumps and writer’s block is something a lot of us face, but what if there was something that could snap you out of it? Enter 14 Days of Poetry, our poetry challenge aimed at prolific, budding poets. The challenge involved a total of 19 of some of the most talented young writers, and they sent in one poem a day to us every day. You’ll find it all compiled under the ‘The Poetry’ section of our website.

Poets featured (in no particular order):

✦ Chloe D. (@readlovewrite47)

✦ Jayryn Lopez (@404.lopezz)

✦ Kalaimagal (@_kmno_4)

✦ Snowy Lee (@TheSnowyLee)

✦ Amira Dayana (@thepoetneverthemuse)

✦ Mia Kate (@miakate.writes)

✦ Chaïmae L. (@mochikabab)

✦ Dea Swasti (@de_13_swasti_)

✦ Abhinaya S S (@abhiiinaya_)

✦ Soup (@cod.codcod_cod)

✦ Her_name_is_Jay (jacquie_O_O)

✦ Asteria (@_mdp.3)

✦ MG (@melifluousgelatoo.writes)

✦ Mari Lee Rose (@writermarileerose)

✦ Ben R. (@beniskindaweird)

✦ Aysha Siddiqui (@bored_pleb16)

✦ Adithi (@adithiwritesstuff)

✦ Sophia Parmele (@sophiaa_parmele)

✦ Max B. (@notjeffbuckley)