About Issue 1

‘equinox’ noun. equi·nox ˈē-kwə-ˌnäks ˈe- 1. : either of the two points on the celestial sphere where the celestial equator intersects the ecliptic.

On an Equinox, the lengths of day and night are essentially the same. It’s a day that marks rebirth and new beginnings, both in the transient cycle of nature and in the lives of people.

The team here at Equinox has always felt a deep connection to nature- the sky, the stars, the galaxy, the ocean, even the scattered foliage outside a concrete building. We knew we had to celebrate it. That’s one of the reasons why our logo is a star.

Issue 1 of Equinox is an ode to the beach and the ocean, a love letter to every swell and ebb of the waves, and our way of admiring everything that lies in the murky depths beneath the surface.

We’ve curated a spread of photos taken by Anjana Suresh, leader of the PR Department, and myself at the beach. We’ve also got an article on summer, the season that is synonymous with the sea.

On behalf of everyone at Equinox, we truly hope you enjoy Issue 1. We put our heart and soul into it, and we can only pray it enriches yours.

Amairha Pokala

Editor-in-chief, Equinox Magazine